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Caring for your book collection

Barely Read tips for caring for your books and dust wrappers

Putting together an exceptional book collection takes time and can be costly but is a rewarding and interesting endeavour. It is therefore important to keep your collector's books in the condition that they were purchased. This should ensure that your collection over the years grows in value and enjoyed for many years to come. If you are looking for a particular book or have any queries, please contact us in Oxted, we offer worldwide delivery

Listed below are our tips to care for your collection:

  • Keep books out of direct sunlight because sunlight will cause fading to the dust wrapper and book. Colours like red are especially susceptible to sun fade turning orange. The sun can also cause the book to warp and the spine to cock.

  • Keep books at a constant, cool temperature.

  • Keep books dry and ventilated, to prevent foxing.

  • Protect from dust and spiders as their mess is acidic causing damage.

  • Always cover dust wrappers in film purchased from a reputable book packaging company.

  • Store books upright tightly packed on a shelf to prevent warping.

  • Never write in books even in pencil

  • Do not use tape to carry out repairs.

  • Never use Post-it notes as when these are removed, they can cause lifting to the paper.

  • When handling books, ensure your hands are clean.

  • If transporting books ensure each book is wrapped individually in bubble wrap and in a padded out, strong cardboard box.

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